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Types of Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are used to detect the presence of metal for various reasons. First, they can be used for family fun and entertainment during different occasions. Secondly, individuals who are after prospecting for valuable items and treasures such as gold, silver, and others use metal detectors in order to trace them. Lastly, industries use metal detectors when inspecting their raw materials or other materials so as to separate different elements or to mark their components.

What are some of the Types of Metal Detectors?

Generally, there are three types of metal detectors. These types are categorized due to their intended purpose and the times during which they are used. They include: hobby, security, and industrial metal detectors.

1. Hobby Metal Detectors

Types of Metal DetectorsThese metal detectors are commonly used by families and individuals during their leisure moments. Previously, metal detecting has established as one of the most interesting hobbies especially for families walking or touring together. Hunting for jewelry, ancient treasures, artifacts, and old valuable metals is an interesting activity while done by members of the family together.

Hobby metal detectors are usually cheaper and simply made than other types of metal detectors. Thus, families do not have to break their banks in order to by them. At the same time, they are not complicated or large in order to make their usage to be simple. Normally, these metal detectors detect metal or sensitive items within a certain radius of an environment.

2. Security Metal Detectors

Types of Metal DetectorsWith the rampantly increased rate of terrorism and burglary, security metal detectors have been invented in order to help curb these vices. Mostly, these detectors are designed into a door-like frame where every individual entering to a place must go through for check-up. Others are designed to be held by hands and to be used by security guards to inspect people in a place.

Security metal detectors have helped in boosting security in places such as: schools, hotels and restaurants, homes, public gatherings, and airports. If not by detecting weapons and other materials carried by those with ill intentions, they have helped in instilling fear in them and thus driving them away from the public and properties.

3. Industrial Metal Detectors

Types of Metal DetectorsThey include: conveyors, inline, feeders, pulse, and high sensitivity metal detectors. They help in verifying and indicating the presence and specific location of different types of metals in an item or substance. They can detect metals in both liquid and solid forms.

Various industries such as: ceramic, food, beverage, glass, light, pharmaceuticals, plastic and rubber, and chemical industries heavily rely on these metal detectors during their manufacturing processes. Industries manufacturing food products use metal detectors to prevent food poisoning by different metals such as: mercury and lead. Others use metal detectors in order to separate metals from other substances and materials mainly so that they can use each material solely.


Metal detectors are very essential in our lives. They are useful in retracing lost items, preventing food poisoning, and for security purposes among other uses. Normally, they are enhanced with sounds and other notification methods. After detecting the presence of metal or desired items, they notify the user. This makes the searching method easier and more accurate.