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3 Things You Should Know About Underwater Metal Detector

Top 7 Features of Metal Detectors

Underwater metal detectors are designed with the ability to function as required even while inside the water. Thus, they can be used in water bodies such as: oceans, rivers, lakes, and seas without getting damaged easily.

What Should You Know about Underwater Detector?

Designation and modeling of underwater detector is different from that used with other types of metal detectors. It includes systems, parts, and adaptations which enhances one to hunt for relics and valuable metals in water without worrying about water damage.

1. It is Designed using Pulse Induction Technology

Top 7 Features of Metal DetectorsUnderwater metal detectors have the ability to transmit electronic pulses fast to the ground. These electronic currents are transmitted without any significant effect from the wetness caused by water or other minerals inside the water. However, these electronic pulses respond in a highly sensitive manner to the precious metals or the designed-for metals.

PI circuit enhancement requires one to dig deeper in order to reach the detected metal or relic. With PI feature, less discrimination is enhanced in a metal detector. Thus, one must have to work hard so as to reach the detected item. However, the PI feature has higher and more accurate target ID ability.

2. Very Low Frequency (VFL) Enhancement

Top 7 Features of Metal DetectorsThis is the ability to effectively operate in the range of 3-30 kHz frequency. Underwater metal detectors functions within this range yet there are quite sensitive to the presence of precious metals and relics in an area. VFL detectors are designed to separate between the undesirable minerals, which are excess in the water, from relics and valuable metals. Unlike the PI enhanced metal detectors, VFL detectors have a discrimination potential.

This enhances them to discriminate among trash and unreliable materials. Also, they are enhanced with ground balance control that prevents the signals caused by other undesirable minerals in the water. Thus, with such detectors, you can be able to effectively you can conduct relics and precious items hunting faster than with the PI enhanced ones.

3. They have Waterproof Accessories

Top 7 Features of Metal DetectorsUnderwater metal detectors are accompanied with waterproof accessories. These include: search coils, batteries, headphones, loudspeakers, and pin pointers among other accessories. Search coils should necessarily be waterproof where a metal detector is designed to work solely in water. This increases its potential to enhance flow of electric current from the batteries to the metals to be detected.

Waterproof headphones as well as waterproof loudspeakers are essential in ensuring that the sound produced effectively reaches the ear. Sound movement is ineffective in the water. Thus, headphones concentrate the sound produced by the loudspeakers to the ears. With VFL and PI setting, these detectors can effectively detect metals and relics in water without being drawn to undesirable minerals which are excess in the water bodies.


Water bodies contain a lot of valuable metals, minerals, and relics. Most of them are deposited into water from different places such as: industries, homes, old buildings, and beaches. Using an effective underwater metal detector will enhance you to reach and collect these metals and relics. During your metal detector purchase, be sure to check its features its features to ensure that it is suitable for underwater metal detection.